Health Generating Office Massage Therapy

Massage Chair

Best Stress Solutions is a office massage service that sends professional massage therapists right to your office on the schedule you select. We offer our services nationwide; as long as your office is located within the United States, Best Stress Solutions can serve you. With our services, your employees can take a break from work to de-stress and get energized, thanks to a quick on-site office massage. Our workplace massage chairs are adjustable to each person, ensuring that everyone has a chance to experience the benefits of the chair massage.

To make the experience as comfortable and peaceful as possible, we set up our portable massage chairs in a conference room or any other unused office at your location. This ensures total privacy and helps you feel more comfortable while you get your massage at work.

Questions about Privacy

One of the first questions our clients ask when considering office messages for employees is about the privacy. They want to know if the massages are done in the open or in private location in the office. We prefer they are done in private areas away from other employees. Our massage therapists work with your staff to designate a quiet office or conference room and prepare the massage setting there. We can usually accommodate any requests in this regard to make you and your employees feel comfortable.


Office massages, also known as corporate massage, have become a popular service for many companies due the stress reduction and other health and wellness benefits offered for both employer and employee. For this reason, corporate office massage is often provided as part of a company’s employee wellness packages. Companies use office chair massages in many ways. Some may bring in office massage therapists as a reward for special efforts of a team of employees. Meanwhile, other companies use our services on a regular basis as part of their employee wellness program, where each week, our therapists come to your office and provide healing massage services to your valued employees.

The Chair Massage is Your Body’s “Reset Button” A corporate massage can help this problem. The worker is put back into a relaxed state. Re-energized and refreshed, your employees can become more effective at their daily tasks. With our office massage services, we can assure your employees of the stress relief that they need to get through the day.

Let our office massage experts soothe the stress away both from you and from your employees. Whether you get our services for a one-time event, as a reward for outstanding employees, or as a weekly therapeutic incentive, you can rest assured that employee productivity and work enthusiasm will increase as your staff maximizes our corporate massage therapy services and attains the instant energy boost they need to optimize business operations.