Trade Show Massage

More companies today are using onsite seated massages
as a tool to promote themselves through wellness
at special events and beyond.

Trade Show

Chair Massage at work. With a relaxed and positive feeling, attendees will remember you and your product. Why? Because event massage services work. Relaxed people are more open to receiving your message then tense, rushed attendees. Trade show massage services translate into better business for you. Attendees remember you when you have a service like onsite


While your guests are enjoying their massage, you gain the opportunity to promote your product or service as well. People become more receptive to hearing new ideas when they’re relaxed


Let Best Stress Solutions become a part of your team

Best Stress Solutions ┬áprovides the highest degree of professionalism. In addition to locally licensed therapists, we are happy to provide an on-site manager at all of our events. Our corporate staff is on-call 24/7 for any assistance or guidance you may need. Above all, as the corporate source for seated chair massage therapy, we take the time to understand your goals and we’ll custom-fit your event to help you achieve them.

We know that you are at a trade show to make sales, and to get as much exposure as possible. By providing us with a company look, we can blend in with your booth, and help you present the image you want to get across to potential clients.